Annual Maintenance for Pressure Washers: Calgary Pros Offer Tips

Low water pressure, pump vibration or pulsing power level fluctuations – these are classic signs of problems with pressure washers. Calgary pressure washer owners can prevent disrepair by sticking to a few annual maintenance habits. Hydro Tek and Landa pressure … Continue reading

Need Repairs for Pressure Washers? Calgary Experts Give Top Tips!

Like all machinery, pressure washers can suffer mechanical problems. Although we highly recommend Landa and Hydrotek power washing equipment, even these trusted brands aren’t exempt from the occasional breakdown. When a problem arises with your pressure washer, the first thing … Continue reading

Tips for Buying Reconditioned Power Washing Equipment

Here at Hydra Equipment, our staff has more than 30 years of combined experience outfitting power washers – Calgary to Charlottetown. And while most of our customers prefer new equipment for pressure washing, Canada’s business owners can also save a … Continue reading

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Canada Power Washers

An industrial pressure washer is like a car – it needs ongoing preventive maintenance before and after its use to ensure its integrity. Use the following checklist and refer to your Canada power washer’s owner’s manual to keep your equipment … Continue reading

Correcting Industrial Pressure Washer Pump Cavitation

When you’re using an industrial pressure washer, bubbles can be bad. They can make a perfectly good pump in a machine become suddenly inoperable because of a hole that forms in the casing. Such an event can be caused by … Continue reading

What to Do When Your Pressure Washer Won’t Start

Few moments in modern life are as frustrating as the instant a certain piece of relied-on equipment won’t start. For the consumer, this may lead to hours upon hours of customer service calls – or to a new purchase, in … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Your Industrial Pressure Washer’s Chemical Injector

Using soap or other cleaning chemicals can give your industrial pressure washer extra cleaning power, especially for tough, greasy messes. However, it’s not uncommon for the chemical injector on commercial power washing equipment to stop working properly. Fortunately, isolating the … Continue reading

Power Washing Equipment Maintenance: How Often Should I Change the Oil?

Like any tool with a motor, your industrial pressure washer needs proper lubrication – including regular oil changes – in order to remain functioning optimally. In general, the pump on a commercial pressure washer requires 30-weight, non-detergent pump oil in … Continue reading

Signs Your Commercial Power Washer Needs Repair

When it comes to pressure washers, Canada cleaning pros understand the importance of staying on top of maintenance and repairs. The more proactive you are about addressing problems, the longer your commercial power washer will last. With that in mind, … Continue reading

Commercial Pressure Washing: Essential Elements of an Employee Training Program

As any experienced commercial pressure washer knows, pressure washing equipment is anything but intuitive. For those of us who are not commercial pressure washers, this may come as a surprise. After all, how hard can it be? Just point and … Continue reading

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